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This is something you have not known about Instagram. Editing photos for $ 715 million.

Have you ever wondered to who we owe the possibility of using Instagram? Who is this man that has provided young people of today with so much joy? How has he come up with an idea for this application?

Let’s get to know each other better. The originator of the application is Kevin Systrom, who began his career as an intern working for Google and Twitter. There he acquired skills and experience to create his own application in the coming years. This application has become widely popular all over the world. In his spare time he was writing a code for Burbn application, which originally was to be a combination of a geolocation tool with a photo editor. He collaborated with Mike Krieger, who created an application for sharing photos. From the outset it had a very good reputation and was used primarily for photo editing. Systrom and Krieger removed from Burbn all the tools that were not associated with editing and sharing photos. Thanks to the commitment of investors with whom the originators signed an investment contract for $ 500 000, it was possible to create a work without which many people today cannot imagine their everyday life. During this time, this application was named Instagram. In 2010, a free-of-charge application for editing and sharing photos becomes available in App Store free and in 2011 it is updated so it is possible to mark photos with hashtags. The total investment cost is $7 million but thanks to achieving so much popularity in such a short time, after two years of the application is bought by Facebook for $ 715 million.

Instagram in the eyes of its users. The application Instagram has its supporters among young people, as well as slightly older. They convince him small and larger companies and celebrities use it to show their fans their daily lives. In November 2014, an outbreak of 300 million users per month, of which 64% are women. At this time, Poland has benefited from this application 2 274 248 people. A surprising fact is that the commitment to Instagramie is 15 times larger than Facebook. These statistics show you how this plays an important role in the social media application. Its potential is still used to a small extent, but do not forget that Instagram is constantly evolving.

With all responsibility we can say that Facebook has a worthy competitor who successfully on his heels. Who knows if in the near future it clicks his honorable 2nd place.

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