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Instagram has become very popular especially among young people and lovers of photography, but it is also willingly used by celebrities and companies, which thus promote their brands and remain in constant contact with their customers. The amount of useful tools and interesting applications that Instagram offers us is very large and new options are being continually created. However, this social networking site hides very many undiscovered secrets.

It is something for young people who are willing to share their photos with friends so tags are necessary and Instagram could not forget about them. When we are sharing a photo we can see the option TAG A USER on the screen. What you need to do is to touch the person in the photo, type in their name or surname and then select the particular person from the dropdown menu. Now everyone can see who was with you on your vacations or who you spent your evening with. Video lovers will also find something for themselves on Instagram. You can easily share or even record a video. To do this you just need to find a relevant icon which is responsible for managing videos and then choose one of the options: RECORD or SHARE VIDEO.

After recording your video, you can add a description, location, or a filter to it. If you want to add a location to your photos or videos, you can also do so. As in the case of the above options, it is extremely easy. After taking a picture, select the options: ADD TO PHOTOMAP and then NAME LOCATION. Now just add the appropriate location or enter its name. Companies that decide to promote their brand on Instagram, may carry out a campaign in the form of images.

Tags make it much easier to collect all the photos that relate to a specific topic and are submitted by people following your profile. To place a tag, enter for example #book in the description of the selected image. Each user will be able to click the tag and then will be redirected to the page with other publicly shared photos which have been marked with this tag. A very interesting option, especially for companies, is the option of downloading photos from Instagram and making them available on a website. This is possible thanks to the API interface.

If you do not want all your friends to see a photo or video that you share, you can use the INTAGRAM DIRECT tool, which allows you to send them only to a certain group of your choice. This message will not appear in the News or in search engines.

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