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EMILY SKYE | Fitness + Health Listings

BELLY BLOAT IS GONE FINALLY!! 🙌🏼😃Today’s ab session was filming this video! 🤣🙈 #toughwork #hardflex #canibreathenow . My tummy bloat is gone and I’ve lost a lot of fluid! I’ve been training hard & I’ve cut out food that upsets my gut & it’s a lot of plant foods! 😲 Crazy hey!! That’s why I always say that you shouldn’t just eat in a way that is “healthy” if your body feels horrible doing so! Everybody is different and it’s important to listen to your body and find out what foods work for you! I tried for a loooong time to eat mainly plant based and I just kept getting worse.😔 I’m also doing lower carb & higher fat. - Not because that’s the “best way” to get lean but because my belly bloats like crazy when I eat carbs, I retain SO much fluid & just feel yucky & sluggish. I got so sick of feeling like that so I had to do something about it. . I know (hope) this isn’t a way of eating forever for me because I would love to be able to have salads and veggies as a big part of my diet again and will keep tackling these gut issues of mine. For now I’ll stick to what’s working because I just want my gut to be happy so that I am happy and so is everyone around me! 😆 Remember your gut health impacts your mental health! That’s why it’s called your “second brain” - so take care if it and get it healthy & functioning well and you’ll feel so much better! ☺️ If you have gut problems, do your research, not just for your own knowledge but also to find a good Holistic Doctor who specializes in gut health. There are tests you can do including a food sensitivity blood test and stool tests and many more. Don’t just live with your gut not functioning optimally! . Always do what’s best for YOU, not what somebody else is doing or what others say is “best”. 🤗😘 . . #tummybloat #bloatedbelly #guthealth #abflex #emilyskye
I’ve been training my core & pelvic floor a lot lately, I find I have to work harder to keep my tummy tight since having Mia. It’s so important to not only have a strong core but a strong pelvic floor too. While I was pregnant with Mia I did pelvic floor exercises as well as after having her. I always contract my pelvic floor while training especially during big lifts like squats, deadlifts, hips thrusts & lunges etc. Having a strong and braced core whilst doing these lifts is very important but a lot of people forget about the pelvic floor. It might be hard to contract it at first but it will get better the more you work it. The “Pelvic Floor” is made up of muscle and other tissues that are layered. These layers act like a hammock stretching from the pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back. If you’re not sure how to contract the pelvic floor.. think of it like this: it’s as if you’re stopping #1 & #2 at once and focus on lifting everything up and in. Try to hold for about 10 seconds or so & breath as normal throughout the hold. Keep your thighs & gluts relaxed & focus on just working the pelvic floor. You could try doing 3 x 10 squeeze & holds that last for about 10 secs at a time and do these every day! If you can’t hold for 10 secs just do as long as you can and work your way up as your pelvic floor strength increases. Doing a good quality short squeeze is better than doing a half effort long one so squeeze hard! 😉 You can also add pelvic floor activation to your list of cues when performing a lift such as: Contract pelvic floor, engage core, shoulders back, chest out, head in neutral position etc. Also, the great thing about pelvic floor training is you can literally work it ANYWHERE and nobody would even know!! 😉👍🏼 Maybe don’t make eye contact with anyone though as it might feel a little “weird” for you haha! 😝 . . #pelvicfloor #pelvicfloorexercises #emilyskye #corework #fitnessexercises

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