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A photo on Instagram – filters that work wonders.

Surprise your friends with an original photo on Instagram thanks to editing and using a lot of interesting filters. This way your post may be unique and surprising. The photos do not always come out perfect but thanks to this option, they can look like they are made by a true professional.

To apply filters to the photo, after executing the photo you must touch the filter you want to use. Using the slider you can increase or decrease the effect, so that each picture will be different and unique. When editing is complete it is enough to touch the choice mark and this way save the changes. Instagram offers many filters that allow you to achieve very interesting effects:

APPOLO - do you like old photos which create a story by themselves? If so this filter is for you. After you apply this option a photograph appears as though it was made by one of the oldest cameras. It is not quite black and white but enriched with a small amount of gray.

HEFE - a very versatile option that makes the picture sharp and the colors more saturated. If a photo in its original version stands out with its sharper colors, thanks to the use of this filter you can achieve a really interesting effect.

LOMO-FI - this filter is the perfect choice for those who deal with shooting still life, which is dominated by bright colors. Even stronger color sharpening gives a photo shades that are very characteristic to this type of photographs. For example, if fruits are located on a dark background, use of this filter will help achieve incredible contrast and further emphasize the central object in the photograph.

NASHVILLE - like the Apollo filter it is also dedicated to people who like antiqued photo. With his help, however, a different effect is achieved: a photographs becomes a bit faded and colors lose their intensity. This filter is very well suited for sunsets and other landscapes that have been photographed in bright sunlight.

TOASTER – the filter name is very appropriate to the effect that you can get by using it. We can say that the picture is somewhat "scorched". This edition is very popular among romantics, for whom every shot is like an unforgettable memory. Combination of reddish and orange shades gives a photograph a touch of magic and mystery.

WALDEN - picture of violet color can be achieved by applying this very filter. It is recommended for photographs of buildings and rainy landscapes.

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